The Benefits Of Converting VHS To Digital Format

The invention of phones that come with built-in cameras makes it easier than ever to capture special moments, but before these technologically advanced devices, most consumers captured video footage through the use of a large recording device equipped with a VHS tape. Many families have a plethora of VHS tapes that are full of family memories stored away, and while they may be enjoyed on occasion, they seldom think about them on a regular basis. Many people are choosing to turn VHS tapes into easier to use formats which provides the following benefits.

Longer Lasting Play Life

A traditional VHS tape has a relatively short lifespan, with most only lasting up to 15 years or approximately 250 plays. As these thresholds are approached, a person is playing with destiny as its demise is likely right around the corner. Converting them to a digital format will allow them to remain usable for an unlimited number of times, and enable individuals to relive past moments for years into the future.

Easier Viewing Options

The most significant issue with a VHS tape, aside from quality, is that the footage is only viewable through a VCR, which is quickly becoming an obsolete device. The process of converting vhs to digital allows the file to be stored in an electronic format and burned to a DVD or other form of media. Transferring the data to a digital file format will enable it to be viewed on most modern devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

Improved Footage Quality

Another benefit of transferring the data to a digital-friendly format is that the overall quality of the footage may be improved. Advancements in software now allow VHS footage to be remastered, which provides a higher quality video output and crisper audio quality. Make any old video footage an immersive experience by having it remastered by a professional.

Don’t let the footage on a VHS tape become a thing of the past, when converting it to a digital format will preserve it for years to come. The team at the Keepsake Network is a leading provider of film services and utilizes advanced technology to ensure a film conversion will exceed a person’s expectations.

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