Pitch Yourself to a Booking Agent Management Like the FPA Agency

Pitch Yourself to a Booking Agent Management Like the FPA Agency

So, you have established yourself as a musician with a number of songs and the ability to sell local places. Now you are thinking of branching out of your comfort zone and want to start playing more shows. The most logical step is to hire a booking agent or manager to add your resource warehouse. In order for an agent to take you seriously, it is important to sell yourself as a valuable client with the potential to do great things. The bottom line is that booking agents and managers run a business and you, as an artist, must show that you have unique value.
The first truth an artist has to face is whether their careers are at the point where managers and / or booking agents are needed. Are you looking for a manager and / or booking agent because you’ve worked hard and are ready to take a step and ask the right person on board to help get you to the next level? Or, are you just playing your first 4 gigs, having a home demo recorded and feeling you need someone to make it happen for you? Maybe you’re somewhere in the middle. The length and the short is … before you approach other people, you have to work hard. Oh … and once you secure a manager and an agent ready to work even harder.

Pitch Yourself to a Booking Agent Management Like the FPA Agency

So back to the question … how do you pitch yourself to an agent / booking manager? There are a few things you need to make sure you are in place before you submit your offer so that the packages you send (whether by mail or electronic) bring them to the best information about you.

– What record do you send them to listen to? Make sure the production value is within an acceptable range. It’s okay to start recording yourself, but when the time comes and you have the funds, go into the studio and digitally master your tracks. If you are at a point in your career where you are looking for managers and booking agents you should definitely have high quality music recordings.

– Do you have a picture? You may have some nice clothes you wear for the show but your style suits your voice. Do everything work together?

– Do you have a website? Be sure to take the time to create web designs and layouts that create successful online imagery and brands. This branding can also be used for merchandise and social networking sites.

– Do you have an image on your website taken by a professional photographer or is it a photo you marked out of facebook the last time you came out? You do not have to hire an expensive photographer but your photos should look good – this is everyone’s first impression of you. The imagery we mentioned above will come into play here.

– What is the presence of your social network? Your website must allow access to all of your social networks. Having a social networking page like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Youtube is really important to cast itself. It is also important to post frequently on this page to increase your “likes” or “followers” numbers. If you lack one of these pages or do not update it consistently, you may not be able to convince management that you have a fan base to work with it.

– Despite good music videos, it’s important to have some live performances. This will prove that you sound amazing in a concert like you do on your recording.

– The most important word to remember is respect. Managers and agents are busy like everyone else in the workforce (even busier with the full list). It’s okay to follow up after a few weeks, but there’s something excessive. And if you cross that line, you might as well write it yourself. If management likes what they see, they will not hesitate to make you aware of your talent. Show that you have grown as much as you can and you are ready to move up to the next level.

– Even if you are a talented musician, do not expect to be automatically picked up by a manager or an agent if you have not played a lot of shows and you do not have decent fans. If you do not have a tour history, it can be very difficult for many booking agencies to work with you.

– Know what you face when submitting to an agency. If you have not played many shows, it may be wise to look into the artist’s development service before submitting your resume to the booking agent. Artists with live performance experience are much more attractive to the agent Pitch Yourself to a Booking Agent Management Like the FPA Agency

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